Remember. . .Censors read it before passing judgement.

So maybe you should, too. Isn’t a major part of the enjoyment of reading being challenged to think about this life in ways not heretofore thought?

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Cancellara: Does he have a motor in that bike?

Congratulations to Fabian Cancellara on today’s win of the Tour of Flanders!  Not only did he drop Sagan and Roelandts on the Paterberg climb, Cancellara actually won by over a minute and a half, distancing himself from them by a full kilometer!  I watched on  and was amazed when the camera cut from Fabian sailing under the red kite to Peter and Jurgen just having passed under the 2km banner.

catching flies the whole way in

catching flies the whole way in

He looks to be on form for next Sunday.  Hopefully no one is going to revert to the incredibly ludicrous stories that followed him after the 2012 Hell of the North.

Make your own luck

A professor I really like runs the title as his signature on all of his emails. I was reminded of it not too long ago when my family was eating at a local Asian food establishment and I picked up a fortune cookie which had nothing but air inside. Gigibee and AESB acted as if an enormous transgression had been acted upon me and asked the waiter to bring me another. I simply told them that it is not so much a matter of fortune smiling upon you as it is that you need to make your own luck.

It's actually full of air.

It’s actually full of air.

Since I believe the statement to be true, I decided recently that if I really want to be hired as a librarian I need to create a little luck of my own. Being a father of two, husband, and full-time teacher of over 100 thirteen and fourteen-year-olds during graduate school left no time for internships or practica. Now I receive tweets and LinkedIn updates twice a week, at least, that repeat the same mantra~the secret to being hired is having performed an internship. What’s a guy to do?

Well, one can plug away at cover letters and resume tweaking while submitting to every job posting under the sun. One could also create a document with a professional look which states his/her interests in the field, education, experience, software skills, training, etc., that make them attractive to libraries that are already short-staffed and would love someone with said interests, education, experience, skills, training, etc., to work on a voluntary basis for the sake of gaining experience they have not otherwise been able to garner. I chose the latter and, wouldn’t you know it, I had a reply from all three academic librarians to whom I sent an email query and the aforementioned document. Two didn’t work out for the simple reason that I still teach and we had incompatible hours; both are still on my radar for possible summer projects. The third agreed to meet with me, likes me, and has agreed to let me help with reference and instruction to the tune of 10 hours a week to start.

I’m excited!

Simply by meeting with the director of this library, I’ve already met two more librarians in the area who are energetic, intelligent and helpful. They’ve granted me the opportunity to gain experience while helping them vet some of their current instructional modules, and, other than another 10 hours away from my family, I could not be happier.

My kids are too young to understand that nothing is ever really given to you in life, but I think they understood what I was telling them about the fortune cookie sans fortune. If not, they have plenty of time to mull it over. In the meantime, I can serve as their example of the simplicity of the statement and, maybe, its effects. I repeat those four words to myself often these days; I have a new volunteer position that may help me land a library job; the experience a glean while working at this library will help me land a library job.

Make your own luck.

Needing to recover never felt so good. . .

So, I rode two days straight and threw in a little 2.5 mile hike up to the top of Hanging Rock and back with AESB, Gigibee and E. Hayes.  It was a gloriously sunny day to be out in the woods and lots of people had the same idea.

Gigibee decided to rest in a small alcove.

Gigibee decided to rest in a small alcove.

AESB  climbing the crack.

AESB climbing the crack.

Eazy-E with a sunny spring smile.

Eazy-E with a sunny spring smile.

I rode after the hike and then again the next day .  Today my legs are twitching for me to get out and spin.  I’d forgotten what it feels like to need to spin my legs out and that’s kinda scary.  It’s a good thing I don’t have any big goals for cycling right now other than having fun.  It feels good to need a recovery ride after so long out of the saddle.  I want to dig into my LW Coaching plan and pull out a calendar; spring fever is upon me and all I wanna do is ride, ride, ride. . .

I Fell in Love Again Yesterday

I’ve not been riding for a while now, but I fell in love with my bike again yesterday.  After a long hiatus including snow, ice, rain, (all which = mud), a massive contusion of the ribs, lots of planning for work  and a job search, I finally hit the trails this weekend two days in a row.  The weather has been fabulous and the trails were near perfect in every way.

on Blue Heron

on Blue Heron

I rode out a little early and didn’t see a soul for the first hour.  After that the trails began to fill quickly.  Ran into Randy and made plans to start up the Sunday morning group again.  We parted ways and I was passed just as I was nearing the end of my ride by a guy in Mock Orange Bikes kit who said, “I don’t see how ya’ll ride rigid.”  To which I responded in my head, since my breathing would not allow an audible comment, “I don’t know how you ride so fast.”  I do know, of course, I just don’t have the time to commit to keep up with him, or anyone else right now, but I’m content to just ride.